The Navagraha/9 Planet Temples Tour

Navagraha Planets rule your life. As per Vedic astrology, they influence our life for both ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Your horoscope or birth chart is a blue print of where the planets were positioned in relationship to Earth when you were born. This map indicates how the planetary light emissions affect your life. It will also predict how planetary transits will affect you at certain times.

A visit to all 9 planetary vortices will remedy or offset the negative influence and allow the positive influences to be strengthened.

The 9 Planets of Vedic astrology are Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu (not physical planets but nodes of the Moon), Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

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The Navagraha/9 Planet temples are situated in a radius of 65 kms of the temple town of Kumbakonam in Tami Nadu, South India.

3 Days OR 7 Days...It is up to you!

This tour can be organized so that you can enter all of the temples in as little as 3 days. Or you can take 7 days and visit each one on that planet’s specific day (ie. Sun on Sunday, Moon on Monday etc.)

The Navagraha/9 Planet Temples:

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Suriyanar Koil |The Sun Temple Navagraha Free PDF
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The Navagraha/9 Planets
in Vedic Mythology
Thingaloor | The Moon Temple
Vaitheeswaram Koil | The Mars Temple
Thiruvengadu | The Mercury Temple
Alangudi | The Jupiter Temple
Kanjanoor | The Venus Temple
Thirunallar | The Saturn Temple
Thirunageshwaram | The Rahu Temple
Keelaperumpallam | The Ketu Temple

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Do Planets Really Run Your Life?

Planet Signifier Rules Over
Sun self, soul, father, Status of King- holds power and authority conscience, intelligence, courage, devotion to God, leadership, ability to withstand suffering, immunity, fame, self- reliance, liberal attitude, honour trustworthiness, respiration, the mouth, throat and spleen, digestive power
Moon mind, mother, status of queen conception, delivery, life before adulthood, change of occupation, tendency to change everything now and then, stomach, breast, beauty, blood, menstruation
Mars one's brothers & sisters desire, rash boldness, adventures, physical strength, primitive tendencies, self- dependency, power to withstand strain, independent nature and desire for position
Mercury maternal uncle intelligence, cleverness to understand quickly, ability to convince in arguments, knowledge about wonders, desire for foreign travel, knowledge of Vedanta, education, tendency to leave things unfinished, multi-tasked, multi-lingual, eloquence, accountancy, auditing and advocacy
Jupiter offspring and wealth character, seriousness, meditation, prayer, success, fortune, karma acquired in previous birth, divine favour, fame, religious thought, wealth, good character, honesty, justice, health and knowledge
Venus spouse and partners material pleasure, affection to family members, sexual pleasures, ornaments, vehicles, sensual satisfaction, passions, tendency to enjoy pleasure and vitality
Saturn general slowness or delays in all aspects of life disappointment, incompatibility, sorrows, imprisonment, stubbornness, servitude, labour, all sorts of difficulties, subordinate ;
Rahu paternal grand parents contact with elderly woman, evil thoughts, contacts with unfavourable people, spleen disorders and gas trouble
Ketu maternal grand parents two extremes either spiritual or Atheist, aloof, renunciation, spiritual knowledge

Explore the 9 Planet/Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu: