About Us

We are Brindavan Mystic Services.

"Brindavan" is the name of an ancient magical and spiritual forest and "Mystic Services" means that we provide experiences aimed at human transformation.

Since 1995, our dynamic team has been planning and conducting spiritual tours or pilgrimages in both India and abroad. We specialize in authentic Spiritual India Tours.

We’ve accommodated individuals, small groups as well as groups of 80 members on tours lasting 3 days on up to 12 days. We will work within your budget, chosen itinerary and dates.

Our knowledgeable team will create the best itinerary for you using the Ancient Art of Time Mangement (panchang and muhurtha) and provide unmatched guidance with our western facilitators and local guides. The western facilitators have studied and practiced eastern spirituality for at least 14 years each and the local guides themselves are living the dream of sharing their spirituality, customs and history with pilgrims from around the globe.

The Brindavan Mystic Services Team is dedicated to your maximum transformative experience!