The Nadi Astrology Prescription Temple/Vortex Remedy Tour

We invite you to experience one of the few remaining ancient mysteries of the world.

Imagine someone born thousands of years ago promising to change your current destiny, right now, so that you can begin to attract more of the wonderful things you had always wanted to experience.

Dong the remedies will energetically correct the course of your destiny or life path and you’ll find changes to your finances, career, relationships, health, your connection to your spirit and understanding your purpose.

You’ll first have your ‘reading’ of your Nadi Leaf to discover your destiny and then proceed to do your remedies prescribed by the ancient seers of India by visiting the energy vortexes that transform you at the deepest layer of your soul.

This is the most unique of all the trips that we plan. Each person will have a specific list of Temple/Vortexes that they must visit in order to transform their particular Karmic Legacy. This trip can be arranged for individuals or groups but all must first have their leaf identified and deciphered.

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After Your Reading, Your Trip Will Be Arranged By Brindavan