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Ruth and Ray Smith
Ruth and Ray Smith,

 I have travelled several times to India since 2000 always in trips organized by Brindavan Mystic travel agency. The first time I was very happily surprised because I did not expect to have that kind of experience. I actually expected it to be a bit harder. The staff, drivers, guides were always so polite and ready to help me with whatever needs I had.

My last trip was in February of 2014 and again, I was more than happy with the service. My husband and I had to visit many temples to perform remedies [Nadi Remedy Trip] for several days. We had a nice AC care taking us to the very entrance of the temples, hotels and restaurants with so much ease. The guide and driver made sure they took us to the best restaurants and accommodated all our requests. At night they would make sure we were fed and happy with our room. Every morning they wanted to make sure we had eaten and were rested to start our day. It was really heart-warming and nice to be cared for in such and individual manner.

Doing all that spiritual work in those sacred places i many a time exhausting and emotionally draining but being taken care this ways really show me how the divine is holding me and guiding me through this journey.

Thank you dear Maheshwari for making sure everything is taken care of to make this experience truly divine. 

Alexander L
Alexander L,

 Being in India visiting those holy vortexes, inside each temple, changed my life to such a degree words don’t justify the value of such visits neither do money or time spent there. I have such great feelings and memories about my trip there that I am looking to go back anytime soon. The service on the trip was nothing else than excellent and the energy from everyone there is heartfelt. 

Alex T
Alex T, AZ,

 ...Temples, pilgrimage, and temple remedies can never be exported. Because these temples are built on living energy vortexes, you have to come to them to really benefit from their unique powers. It's easy to relate to these powers through the gods worshiped there. The connection I got with them was very personal and intimate, and their influence in my life was immediately apparent. Just visiting a temple is a major spiritual practice. Each visit or remedy that you perform is a gesture to the energy or god of the temple, and also to yourself, that you are dedicated to your spiritual process. These temples are designed to provide the ideal energetic environment to consciously create good karma... 

Karla S.H
Karla S.H.,
Ensenada, Mexico

 Thank you Brindavan Mystic Services for taking such care of every detail of my trip. I was freed up from the everyday concerns of travelling so that I could concentrate on experiencing the Divine. I felt like in Krishna’s hand of pure joy and bliss. Our guide was so knowledgeable and was always one step ahead of me understanding what would be needed next. It was a truly a divine, mystical experience. 


 Maheshwari and team have my deepest gratitude for making my pilgrimages to the sacred places so easy and comfortable. They always delight with surprise bonuses! Above and beyond the expected. I cannot wait until the next trip with you all. Never again will I attempt a holy trip on my own. 


Toronto, Canada

 You just have to show up and everything is taken care of. The cost of the trip covered accommodation, food, transportation to and from airport, travel to and from temples" were the exact words in the offer which I remember to this day.

At first I thought all tour packages advertise one thing and then the experience is different, however it was quite the opposite of what my mind led me to believe. I was totally blown away by my experience with Brindavan Mystic Services team. It was ahhhmazing and ahhhsome.

I believe that I was divinely guided to make this trip. As I stepped on the Indian soil. I felt as though I had reached home, perhaps it was my home many lifetimes ago.I was in awe at the services provided by BMS. The team was very warm, courteous, friendly and supportive at all times.

As we exited the airport there was a guide and driver to pick us up, regardless of arrival time. We were then taken to the hotel where we checked in. If you had any questions or concerns from that point onwards there was always a point of contact from BMS to provide assistance.

The hotels were very clean with friendly staff, the menu had a variety of options (not only curry :-), however in my opinion when in India be like the Indians. The guide or team member provided updates as we went along and prepared us for the next day- wake up call, pick up times and daily divine activities etc.

For some temple trips a lot of time was spent on the bus depending on the location of the temple. Although some bus trips were long we hardly felt it because we were chanting mantras, which was the best way to speed up time.

The experiences I had in the temples were out of this world, simply magical. There are not enough words to describe the experiences other than it must be felt by the heart and soul. It was truly a cleansing and clearing process. The mind will not understand the remedies but the soul will surely connect. The guide explained what needed to be done. I remembered going to the Jupiter temple and after the ritual (which was very simple) we came out like shiny new beings.

For non-Hindus, BMS is there to bridge that gap and their services are for everyone as we are all God's children.

Their services are highly recommended. If your soul resonates with a trip, open your heart, surrender to the divine and let the magic unfold. Despite the poverty and chaos in the streets, It is certainly a life transforming experience and you can easily fall in love with Mother India.